2017-18 Track & Field Ballot Proposals

There will be two ballot items being voted on via our newly ratified (February, 2017) online voting system.  We are still working out the kinks in making this system work smoothly, so please be patient with us.  The two ballot items are listed below.  There will be an open comment period for a couple of weeks before the online vote takes place.  CURRENT MITCA MEMBERS will receive an email with a link to 2 forms (one for each ballot proposal item) in case they wish to comment on that proposal.  Members will also receive a link to a page that will show all of the comments that were made by other members. You may wan to check back periodically to see updates as members make their comments.


Ballot Proposal #1:

Should Michigan use a one-turn stagger for races of 800 meters and above for the MHSAA Regional and State meets?


Ballot Proposal #2:

In distance races using alleys for the start, should Michigan use the alley 2, position 1 as the preferred position? (It would be seeded as follows- alley 2 position 1, alley 3 position 1, alley 1 position 1, alley 4 position 1, etc).


Rationale for these proposals from the MITCA Track & Field Committee


2018 Track & Field Clinic – NEW LOCATION


As are reminder, this year’s MITCA Track & Field clinic will be held at a NEW LOCATION.

We believe that you will be very pleased with the new venue, but with the change we would like to ask your help to make this transition work as well as possible for the whole organization.

In order to acquire the conference space that we need to conduct a large clinic such as ours, we have to guarantee that our attendees will rent a certain number of rooms by a certain date…otherwise we can incur significant additional costs beyond our negotiated terms.

We are asking coaches to please do your best to:

1. Try to book your rooms by the end of December.

2. Make sure to tell them you are with MITCA when you reserve your room.

Our deadlines and terms are a little different than they were before, so we would greatly appreciate if you could do your best to book your rooms as soon as possible.

January 25-26-27, 2018

Crowne Plaza – Lansing West

925 South Creyts
Lansing 48917

(877) 322 – 5544


This year’s clinic will feature 400m guru and coach of Michael Johnson and Jeremy Warner, the world-renowned Clyde Hart !

Additional speakers, details, and tentative schedules will be posted in the coming days/weeks.

Visit www.mitca.org for more information as it is added.


Want to host a great event and make money for your program? If so, then your program can apply to host a division of the 2018 MITCA Team State Track & Field Meet on Saturday, May 26th, 2018! The host application can be filled out at this link: MITCA TEAM STATE HOST APPLICATION

Contact Dave Lustig ( lustigd@wy.k12.mi.us ) for more info.