Open Letter to D3 Coaches

Open letter to D3 coaches

As the D3 State Meet approached last week it hit me that this would be the last time that my teams at Lansing Catholic would be competing against you all at a State Finals. For all of the 17 years I have coached at LCHS we have been in D3 and starting next year we will be in D2 (thank you Rick Bauer and Saugatuck for providing great inspiration to embrace our move up in class).  In all of those years coaching  it has been an honor to compete against the great teams and the incredible coaches in D3.  I truly believe that the coaches in this division set a great example for our athletes. We have respected each other and competed hard but also can be seen by our athletes getting along with each other and being friends with our fellow coaches and encouraging athletes from other programs.  This is of course really what it is all about.

It is both hard and easy to leave D3. Hard because I will miss the rivalries and the great competition, as will many of my kids who have made friends on your teams, but also easy because I know just how awesome the talent is in D3 and now we don’t have to face it. This State Meet was a prime example of how good the division is.  Maybe the best example of this and what has occurred in D3 is the girl from Benzie who ran 5:04 and didn’t even score in the girls 1600 – wow! That time would have gotten her 4th in D2. Or look  at the 4×400 which many people might consider one of the true measures of a team’s talent and depth. Both the girls and the boys 4×400 winners were faster than the winning times in D2 and the same can be said in many other events. This is not to tear down other divisions at all  but is to reinforce just how incredible D3 really is. Moving out of the division now allows me to cheer for all of you with no concern with how it impacts my teams.

There are many of you who have been at your schools a long time and some of you who haven’t been in the division that long that I want to acknowledge and originally I was going to list you all and then realized how long the list would be.  I didn’t want to forget someone.  You are all doing a tremendous job and I want to thank you for what you do and how you do it and creating the spirit of D3 which is real. You have all helped to drive me and my teams to be their best – keep pushing your athletes and your teams to be their best and I look forward to continuing to compete against you all in meets other than the State Finals and Regionals.

See you all soon.

Tim Simpson
Lansing Catholic

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