There are many opportunities to serve the great sports of cross country and track and field as well as your colleagues in MITCA.

Each year, there are open spots for MITCA members to serve on the Track & Field committee, Cross Country committee, as well as Midwest and Mideast Meet of Champions’ staffs.  Additionally, each year MITCA members will elect a new Secretary who will serve a 4 year term, culminating the experience as the MITCA President in his/her fourth year.

Additionally, every 2 years there are 3 other Executive Board positions that come up for election.  In 2018, the positions that will be open for elections will be: Clinic Coordinator, Political Liaison, and Technology Officer.

If you have an interest in volunteering for ANY of these positions, contact MITCA President, Dave Lustig for more information.

After 3 years on the track and field committee and then 8 more years (2 terms) as the MITCA Technology Officer, I will be stepping down from the latter position at the end of this term.  Thus, we will need to elect a new Technology Officer in January.  Feel free to EMAIL ME directly if you are interested in the position and would like to know more about its responsibilities.

Interested applicants should be reasonably comfortable with basic A/V technology, computers, and website maintenance, but it is NOT necessary to be an “expert” in any of these areas as the bulk of one’s service is based on his/her ability to contribute to the over-arching work of the Executive Board in representing the MITCA membership, maintaining the MITCA organization, and working to better the sports of Track & Field and Cross Country in the state of Michigan.

It has been personally fulfilling to have directly served the MITCA membership over the past decade, and I highly encourage ALL members to find a way to get involved at some point in your career.  You won’t regret it!

Derek Gonzales
MITCA Technology

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