2018 MITCA Ballot Proposals

Open Comment period for 3 items that will be voted on by MITCA Membership. Commenting period will be open through Friday December 28th. All comments will be posted at MITCA.org on December 29th and all active MITCA members will receive an E-Mail with voting information on Wednesday January 1st. Voting will be open until Wednesday January 9th.

There are 2 questions for Cross Country and 1 for Track & Field that will be up for vote.
Cross Country Proposal #1: Are you in favor of changing the Cross Country State Finals qualifying procedure to allow a minimum of 7 individual qualifiers (who aren’t on qualifying teams) to advance to the MHSAA State Finals?

Cross Country Proposal #2:
For a 1 year trial to gather information, are you in favor of changing the race sessions of the MHSAA Cross
Country State Meet to the following:
● Morning Session: Division 1 & Division 2
● Afternoon Session: Division 3 & Division 4

More information and rationale for both can be found here: http://www.mitca.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/2018-2019MITCA-CrossCountryProposals.pdf

Track & Field Proposal #1: Are you in favor of moving the 3200 Meter Relay to after the 100 Meter Dash prelim races, but before the 110/100 Meter Hurdle and 200 Meter Dash prelim races at Regionals and State Finals?

More information and rationale for the Track & Field proposal can be found here: http://www.mitca.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/2018-2019MITCA-TrackandFieldProposals.pdf

Please make comments regarding these ballot issues here: https://goo.gl/forms/uGoAykjNtAIlyQ2z1

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