COY: T&F Form

For questions regarding MITCA Coach of the Year Awards, contact your MITCA representative,
Stephanie Stephenson:

Filling out this form does NOT make you eligible for MITCA Coach of the Year honors!

This award is for CURRENT MITCA MEMBERS.  You must be a MITCA member before May 1.  Finalists will be chosen from the four highest-finishing MITCA members at the MHSAA State Track & Field Finals.  If you are a finalist, the information you submit to this form will be included on the voting ballots at the February Track & Field clinic.

If you think you “might” be a finalist (ie your team finished in the Top 10 at the State Finals), then you are encouraged to submit your supplemental information below.  Filling out this form is NOT A REQUIREMENT for becoming a finalist or winning Coach of the Year honors.  However, coaches who do not submit supplemental information will only have the following information included on the ballot: Name, School, Finals Place.

NOTE: If you coach both genders, you will need to
fill out this form TWICE to be considered for both.