COY: XC Form

For questions regarding MITCA Coach of the Year Awards, contact your MITCA XC COY Representative:  Doug Jager:

This award is for CURRENT MITCA MEMBERS.  You must be a MITCA member before October 1.  Finalists will be chosen from the four highest-finishing MITCA members at the MHSAA State Cross Country Finals.  If you are a finalist, the information you submit to this form will be included on the voting ballots at the November Cross Country clinic, one week after the State Finals.  With the clinic being so soon after the state finals, potential finalists MUST submit their information ON TIME, if they want it included on the ballot.

If you think you “might” be a finalist (ie your team finished in the Top 10 at the State Finals), then you are encouraged to submit your supplemental information below.  Filling out this form is not a requirement for becoming a finalist or winning Coach of the Year honors.  However, coaches who do not submit supplemental information will only have the following information included on the ballot: Name, School, Finals Place.

NOTE: If you coach both genders, you will need to
fill out this form TWICE to be considered for both.