AAS – T&F TEAM Submission Form

Team Academic All State Awards are based on a 4.0 grading scale and submitted to 3 decimal places (ie 3.985).

If your school uses weighted grades for AP or other courses, then it is the responsibility of the coach or person submitting to convert the grades (BY HAND IF NECESSARY) to a 4.0 Scale.

Taking a GPA of 4.234 and simply truncating it to 4.000 is NOT an acceptable conversion.

If a student has earned a “B+” … in ANY class … EVER … he/she does NOT have a 4.0 GPA for the purposes of Academic All State Awards.  A 4.000 means that a student has earned ALL “A” grades, EVERY semester so far.

An “A” in an Advanced Placement class is worth 4.000. An “A” in a college-dual-enrollment class is worth 4.00.  An “A” in Sub-Remedial-Basket-Weaving-For-Dummies is worth 4.000.

ANY grade of “A” = 4.000 … regardless of the class.
ANY grade of “B” = 3.000 … regardless of the class.
ANY grade of “C” = 2.000 … regardless of the class.
ANY grade of “D” = 1.000 … regardless of the class.

You may need to go through each grade in the student’s transcript and total them up and calculate the average.  Submissions that are made incorrectly will not be considered.