MITCA Team State Championship – Attending Team Instruction

Welcome to a MITCA Team State Championship. Here are some things you need to accomplish to help us and your team have the best experience in 2016:

  1. Confirm that your school AND gender are invited. We always get at least one school thinking the opposite gender is invited somehow — so have a look: 2016 Attending Teams – Status. You were invited either as a regional champion (have an Rxx after your team name) or as a Power Ranked Team — So please accept or reject the meet on and the we need a special step! Go to your team page/calendar, click on the name of the meet if necessary to show the “links” below it, click on the pencil icon that appears and then indicate if boys/girls/both are attending. So if only your boys were invited, click on the boys icon! If only your girls were invited, click on the girls icon. If both are invited and attending, click on both. Click on Save.
  2. Please review the all site info sheet to learn about the meet and decide if you can/will attend: mitca-all-venue-info-sheet-2016
  3. Please complete the attending team status form here (just once — if you are red or green you already did, thank you): Attending Team Status Form – fill out once to indicate if coming or having to take a pass
  4. Fill out the team parade info questionnaire here: Parade Info Form
  5. Make timely entries! They will be made via You will have been invited to the meet, so please do entries by Thursday, May 26th at noon. Remember only limited and reasonable substitutions are permitted day of (to replace an injured or ill athlete BEFORE competition starts) and only four substitutions are allowed during the meet. After that is is scratch only! Adds (rather than substitutions) ARE NOT ALLOWED AFTER THURSDAY AT NOON! Be sure to enter all four relay legs as you expect them to run and be sure to enter a seed time next to the A1 relay leg. Otherwise, your relay will not be seeded. We do not reseed in most cases.

Have great fun! Watch email for updates about the meet.