MITCA Team State Championship – Attending Team Instruction

A list of qualified teams of qualified teams with their entry status can be found here: 2019 MITCA Team State Attending Team Status

All qualified teams please fill out the Qualified Teams Entry Form to indicate if you are planning on attending 2019 MITCA Team State.  Also please fill out the Parade Info by Thursday at 5:00 PM.

MITCA Team State All Site Info

D1- Lansing Waverly – Info Sheet
PV @ 9am, rest of field 10am, 3200m Relay 11am, Parade of athletes 11:30am, Running starts at Noon.  As far as we know.

D2- Zeeland West – Info Sheet
Meet on Friday, PV @ 1pm, Rest of Field 1:30pm, 3200m Relay 3:00pm, Parade of Athletes 3:30pm, Running starts at 4pm. As far as we know.

D3- Clare – Info Sheet

D4- Breckenridge – Info Sheet