MITCA Team State Meet (Track & Field)

For questions regarding the MITCA team state meet, contact the MITCA Meet Manager,
David Emeott:

Here is the info sheet about all four meets along with specific contact information for each venue. Please read the sheet fully before overwhelming these folks with emails.


2017 Meet Hosts

Hosts for the 2017 MITCA Team State Meets have been announced:

D1- Wyandotte-Roosevelt
D2- Battle Creek Harper Creek
D3- Clare
D4- Manton

More info to come…

Submission Form For Academic All State TEAM Award – Only for Participants in the MITCA Team State Meet
The 2016 MITCA Team State Meets will again be a featured event for some of the best D1, D2, D3 and D4 track and field teams.
For 2016, teams can only qualify by either a) winning their regional, or b) being power ranked.
Regional runner-up teams who are not power ranked will NOT be invited. You must either win a regional or be power ranked and invited.
For details on power ranking please see the power ranking page.
Please look at the past results page to see the high quality of competition at these meets.