Meet of Champions Moved to Freeland

Due to Shepherd Public Schools being closed down the Meet of Champions will be moving to Freeland on Saturday November 14th. Draft show is still tonight at 8:30 PM on MITCA Facebook!

The schedule will be slightly different and is as follows:
This schedule is subject to change based on various factors including: weather and the amount of entries in each race. Races may be combined or made into a ‘wave’ start. If  changes are made the adjustments will be posted here and emailed to all registrants!

8:30 Course Open for Boys
10:00AM Elite Team Boys Race ———–> 8:45AM Bib/Singlet PickUp
10:25AM Elite Open Tier 1 Boys Race –> 9:10AM Bib Pickup
10:50AM Elite Open Tier 2 Boys Race –> 9:35AM Bib Pickup 
11:15AM All Comers Boys Race 1 ——-> 10:00AM Bib Pickup
11:40AM All Comers Boys Race 2 ——-> 10:25AM Bib Pickup

12:00-12:45 – Course Clears 

1:10PM Course Open for Girls
2:40PM Elite Team Girls Race —————-> 1:25PM Bib/Singlet PickUp
3:05PM Elite Open Tier 1 Girls Race ——-> 1:50PM Bib Pickup
3:30PM Elite Open Tier 2 Girls Race ——-> 2:15PM Bib Pickup
4:00PM All Comers Girls Race —————> 2:45PM Bib Pickup

State Meet Week Update

Hello, a few updates going into the State Meet. First off good luck to all competing and thanks to all who have worked so hard to make a safe and possible event happen!

Academic All State – Both forms have been turned off just so we can make a few adjustments. They will be live again on Sunday afternoon, please make plans to get your GPA’s and submit your AAS by Tuesday at 8pm.
Here is some more Academic All State info including a few changes for 2020 due to Covid-19:

State Meet Info –
Live Results:
Live Stream:
(Requires NFHS Network subscription)
Meet Info:

Online Cross Country Clinic – Wednesday December 2nd & Thursday December 3rd
Sign Up:

Michigan Meet of Champs – There is tons of great news and info coming soon about this and sign up has been amazing so far! This is going to be a very fun event next Saturday. Please consider having your athletes compete!
Sign Up & Info:

Online Clinic Sign Up & Michigan Meet of Champions!

2 very exciting pieces of news for MITCA Members and all of Cross Country in the State of Michigan!

We are hosting an online Cross Country Clinic over 2 days in December. Each day will have a handful of sessions and the 2nd day will conclude with our normal Coach of the Year awards being presented. Sessions will start in the early evening each day.
Speaker info and session schedules will be posted soon but sign up is open!
$40 to start with prices going up to $50 after Thanksgiving.
Dates are Wednesday December 2nd & Thursday December 3rd.
*This includes 2021 MITCA Membership so it is quite the bargain!
2020 MITCA Online Cross Country Clinic Sign Up

Next we are very excited to announce that in place of our normal Mid East Team Michigan Trials meet we have put together a potentially bigger and better event! The Michigan Meet of Champions!

This will a meet open to everyone but with some very fast races and a fun format to highlight some of the best runners in Michigan. This is especially exciting in 2020 when most post season races are not taking place and some of the best athletes from each division won’t even be racing against each other at the State Meet. There will be 3 race divisions:

To be considered for the ELITE ‘TEAM’ Race, an athlete must either have a qualifying 5K cross country time or comparable body of work to suggest they would be competitive.

The Boys/Girls qualifying standard is 16:30.0/19:35.0

If you meet the standard, or feel that you have achieved an equivalent performance and appropriate body of work, please continue registering for the ELITE ‘TEAM’ RACE.

***Achieving the standard does not guarantee entry into the field***

To be considered for the ELITE ‘OPEN’ Race, an athlete must either have a qualifying 5K cross country time or comparable body of work to suggest they would be competitive.

The Boys/Girls qualifying standard is 17:30.0/21:00.0

If you meet the standard, or feel that you have achieved an equivalent performance and appropriate body of work, please continue registering for the ELITE ‘OPEN’ RACE.

***Achieving the standard does not guarantee entry into the field***

All runners are eligible to compete in the ‘OPEN’ Race. ALL Grades are welcome.

Sign Up here:

MITCA Cancels in Person XC Clinic

MITCA Members, the Executive Board is very sad to announce that we will be canceling the in person MITCA Cross Country Clinic this Fall due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While we very much would like to see all of you and facilitate great learning from our speakers, we just did not see any possible way to do our clinic as normal and guarantee the health and safety of our members.

We are looking into the possibility of putting together a very small and simple virtual clinic and hope some of our original speakers can take part in this. This would likely be over the course of 2 evenings and have a couple speaker sessions and an awards presentation for our normal end of season awards. This will also likely be held a little bit later in the year than our normal weekend date.

We will communicate registration information, date and time schedule once we decide if this is feasible. Thank you for being flexible and understanding. A decision on the Track & Field Clinic will also be made by the end of November.

MITCA Supports MHSAA Post Season Plan

MITCA Members,

We are posting today to follow up on the MHSAA announcements of cross country pre-regionals and the changes to the state meet format.

First of all, we want you to know how much time and effort has been spent by your MITCA Board members working with the MHSAA to help ensure the best possible outcome with all of the safety constraints in place this season. We would like to especially thank MITCA Political Liaison Steve Linn and MITCA Cross Country Committee Chairman Brian Salyers.  Their tireless efforts and incredible amount of time spent working with Cody Inglis, the MHSAA Cross Country Assistant Director, have been instrumental in ensuring that we are able to have a state final meet despite the vast number of hurdles that had to be overcome.  There are countless other members of the Cross Country community who have had a hand in the planning and we thank them as well.

We also want to thank those coaches and schools that stepped up to host a pre-regional without much time to prepare.  Things have been changing quickly and we appreciate the efforts from all over the state to adapt and change so many times this season!

We are thrilled that between careful planning and the loosening of the outdoor gathering guidelines the normal number of athletes will be able to compete at the State Meet.  This was not an easy decision to make or an easy plan to come up with. There were several weeks where the possibility of a cross country state finals looked very bleak and the plan was to end the season after the regional meets.  We are happy that all involved were willing to reconsider and allow a modified end of year state final tournament where both individual and team champions will be crowned.  Please know that through all of this MITCA has been advocating for Michigan’s athletes to have as close to a normal experience as possible. 

We understand the frustration of having two heats instead of head to head competition for the state championship meet.  Please know that while there are frustrations and disappointments, they would have been much greater, as track coaches are well aware, if our state championships had been limited to one or two teams per region or were cancelled all together.

MITCA will continue to work with the MHSAA on behalf of the cross country athletes of Michigan and all of you to ensure that you and our athletes have the best possible experience as we proceed through the new tournament process this season.

Thanks once again for all you do for your athletes!

The MITCA Executive Board

2020 Cross Country Update & More!


Hopefully you are all ready for Cross Country Season to start next Wednesday, August 12th.  While there is still a lot of uncertainty to the Fall Sports seasons, as of now we are starting on Wednesday and have a path forward to have meets.  We are very thankful for the leadership from the MHSAA that has helped us get to this point.

While there is still some information needed (total numbers, spectators numbers) that we hope will be announced soon, most guidelines for meets have been set.  These documents are very fluid and will change throughout the season.  If you have not seen them yet they can be found here:

Some of you may have gotten an E-Mail from MHSAA Assistant Director Cody Inglis yesterday but to make sure that it reaches everyone we are including it in this E-Mail.  This is an attempt to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions and can be found here:

MITCA still hopes to host a Webinar with even further explanation and to answer questions.  If you still have questions that you are wondering about feel free to drop them in our survey here:
We apologize for the delay in the Webinar but we want it to be as up to date and correct as it possibly can be.  This should hopefully be early next week.

In non-Covid-19 news here is the MHSCA July Newsletter:

Cross Country Season Update

MITCA Members, Cross Country Coaches and Athletic Directors,

We hope this E-Mail finds you, your family and your teams safe and healthy in these trying times.  If you have not heard yet the MHSAA announced on Wednesday July 29th that low risk sports(includes Cross Country) can start their season normally on August 12th and the 1st competition being August 21st.

A press release of this announcement can be found here:

Additionally sport specific guidelines for each Fall sport were posted. Cross Country guidelines are here:

and here:

MITCA understands that these documents are lengthy and can lead to many questions.  Here is some info that we have been able to answer so far, there will be much more coming!
MITCA Answers to questions on MHSAA Guidelines

We will plan to do a Webinar with further details and examples once a few more questions have been clarified.

We do want to hear from our members on what questions you may have.  Please fill out the survey below if you have any questions or concerns about the 2020 Cross Country Season.  We will answer these to the best of our ability in the Webinar. 2020 Cross Country Questions –

MITCA also agrees with the MIAAA in support of the MHSAA decision making process through these tough times.  More information can be found here:

Thanks, please stay safe, encourage your teams to wear their masks and continue to practice physical distancing!

MITCA Covid-19 Fall Sports Update

Your MITCA board has been in close contact with the MHSAA throughoutour quarantine including several meetings since the governor’s statement last week. We have been sharing thoughts and ideas on 2020-21 sports seasons aswell as offering support to help the fall XC season operate smoothly. We would like to share with you a statement by MHSAA director Mark Uylmade Thursday, … Continue reading